An innovative multimedia platform, with different solutions and products, AceStream is the answer for ordinary Internet users who just want to watch football and other sports.

The platform provides high standard audio-visual for online shows and broadcast and is the most effective system of storing video and audio content.

AceStream’s goal is in providing a multi-functional technology solution for sharing, publishing and dissemination of internet content to a higher quality level. Its basic core is a specialised TS engine; client applications software for Linux/Ubuntu, Mac, Windows, Android iOS ETC.

Firstly, you need to download the programme and install it. It will be a large download, so give it some time.

To open a channel, you will need to copy and paste the TorrentStream ID into the TS player that you have just installed.

To go to the schedules, see the Play Now link. Right mouse click, either Copy Shortcut or you can click on Play on the Torrentstream channel. View the URL and copy everything behind the id=.

To begin, go to Start, All Programmes, AceStream, click TS Player, Media, Open AceStream Player. Paste the id which you just copied by using either Right Mouse Click, paste or CTRL-V.

AceStream should now start to play the channels. Depending on your internet connection, loading can take between 15 seconds to a few minutes. There is also a second link from AceStream’s listings, which is a Web-based player, but you may encounter problems when it is very busy.

AVoD – or Audio and Video on demand – the online playback of audio and video content via BitTorrent protocol. One massive bonus is that you don’t have to download huge files to watch Full HD video content or to listen to audio in Lossless formats. You can view online playback of football games, or any sport other and content, in all the common and most popular formats, with the best audio and video quality available.

Playback can be either directly with web-players on any website that has AceStream tech support or preformed, via convenient transport files and URI schemes with desktop applications/players.

Supported URI-schemes/protocols and transport files are as follows:

Files; .torrent, .acestream, .tstream

URI-schemes; AceStream-links (analogue or magnet), magnet links, content ID, audio/video stream search, and start in AceStream via content identifier.

Live Stream, through P2P networks, will enable you to create and view live broadcasts. An innovative function, Live Stream allows you to view live broadcasts of extremely high quality, in full HD on the Internet, without having to maintain servers or requiring costly operators of standard CDN. Also, note that creating live broadcasts, viewing and live broadcast exchange is now as comfortable and available as using torrent-files and magnet links.

The Turbo Stream function is for premium AceStream viewers, and comes in two modes:

  • Gold Seeding. This is a guaranteed online audio/video stream when playing via magnet-links and torrent-files no matter how many peers using the stream or their upload speed. Providing instant playback, with minimum pre-buffering, and an immediate response when rewinding.
  • Silver Seeding. This does depend on the seeds’ upload speed but does decidedly improve the speed of playback start, as well as an immediate rewind response. It does provide an incredible smooth playback, eliminating the major P2P problems, such as annoying buffering delays.

When you consider that Turbo Stream provides all these unique features, but also has the ability for Internet Providers to utilise this server solution to effectively localise foreign/external BitTorrent traffic, there is a possibility that AceStream could be supported by your provider. If this is the case, it doesn’t matter which site or BitTorrent tracker you use, you’ll always have downloads at the maximum speed for your channel within local networks.

The ability to rewind is unique, and so important when you need to review a portion of the match, along with the referee.

It is hugely convenient to work with a playlist when a torrent contains several video files, just another unique feature. Providing the ability to choose a sequence of playback files, with a smooth transition between played files and to form a playlist from files contained in one or more torrents.

So, the bottom line, AceStream starts playing torrents in one click, with a quick start so less waiting on any site containing links to torrent files. Pre-buffering time is minimal. The best HTTP and BitTorrent protocols are combined. AceStream provides the best stable and smooth playback, with minimum delay. The pause function is handy, and the time shift function enables the watching of broadcasts from up to an hour previous.

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