The beautiful game deserves to be watched wherever and whenever it can be. With mobile phone options available for streaming, the sky is the limit.

The many live streaming football and sports websites all claim to be the best, and you will have to use trial and error while testing them for yourself.

Here is a list of some of the best betting site in the UK :

#1 Soccer24

A nice clean site with easy to use menus, this site is a betting site as well as streaming. However, it covers just about every aspect of football. In order to watch the streams, you would first need to register with a bookmaker, which enable you to watch HD streams free.

#2 StreamSports

With the landing page clearly defining multiple streams divided into today, tomorrow and the coming weekend, along with the ability to check for upcoming fixtures, ease of use is a significant benefit. The links are updated on a regular basis, with most games being broadcast. Users and sports bloggers have voted this stream number one.

And strangely, a lot of football and NFL games are free of advertising. And that’s a bonus.

#3 VIP League

One of the better sites for football, it makes it so easy to choose or change your time zone, with comprehensive lists of events in the chosen category. This site is blocked in some countries, including India.

#4 VIP Box

You are instantly impressed when you open this site. The clarity is exceptional, and the menu is clear and simple. After a while, the constant movement of adverts becomes a little irritating. But they claim to stream in HD, which is impressive, and there is no need to download any desktop apps, which is encouraging.

#5 Stream2Watch

This is one of the biggest live streaming sites. The comprehensive menu shows starting and finishing times, and the dark background is easy on the eyes.

The site has multiple mirrors for each stream, so you can easily use another mirror to watch a cleaner online stream.


With all the Leagues separated into their own groups, choosing or scheduling an event is made easier. Some of the top quality matches are recorded, and you can watch them in your own time, plus highlights packages are available.

The site is very modern, with clear graphics, and a second-by-second countdown clearly shows the time left until the start of the match.

#7 LiveTV

This community favourite, a multi-lingual site offering English, Spanish, Italian and Russian has a great user interface and a huge following. Should you choose not to watch a match, live scoring is available to keep you up to date. The menu is clearly defined with small icons representing the different sports.

#8 Feed2All

With an easy-on-the-eye darker background, this site is extremely popular with European sports fans. The lack of advertising adds enormously to the appeal of this site. The clear menu, simple and striking, adds to the visual allure.

#9 SteamsHunter

An attractive landing page which clearly displays live matches, StreamsHunter makes it easy to find Champions League and UEFA streams. It also shows additional options for watching matches on iOS and Android, albeit using outdated Flash players and Gala Casino.

#10 BossCast

Firstly, select your time zone, and then choose your sport. Chat about the game on the live chat facility, and check out the variety of channels from their live TV streams, such as BBC and AXN.

#11 FirstRowSports

A fast and responsive site for mobile users, rumours have it that tens of thousands of sports fans are logged on here simultaneously. Occasionally the match cuts out before the end, which is incredibly annoying, and encourages you to move to another site. Not ideal.

#12 StreamWoop

A nice clean landing page, but if you click on a category on the menu it takes you to weird and wonderful advertising sites. Don’t hang around to find out what products they offer. The mind boggles.

# 13 FootballStreamings

A crisp and clear website with easy to follow menus, this site has a vast array of football knowledge, although they do admit that they link to live streaming websites


A nice-looking site, but continuous advertising pops up all over. Very annoying.


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